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Sit & Stay Fit Module

Do you want to expand your employment opportunities and broaden your CV? 

Then the KFA Sit and Stay Fit Module will enable you to teach chair based classes. 

The module will cover:

  • Age related changes to the body systems
  • Adapting movement for common medical conditions that may affect class participation
  • Planning and teaching Laban movement content for chair based classes

The module includes a combination of distance learning and interactive practical training that will focus on balance, flexibility, strength and co-ordination together with postural stability to help with falls prevention.

This chair based module will cover home study with approx. four weeks distance learning prior to the three practical days.    

Contact our Keep Fit Association Training Secretary in the email below for an application form.

Don’t forget I’m eligible for the Open Bursary! To apply please click here

Additional Training Information

        Unit 1 Distance learning - Body systems and age related changes

  • Effects of ageing on Body Systems/common related medical conditions
  • Benefits and risks of physical activity
  • Facts and philosophy of ageing
  • Vulnerable adults

    Unit 2 Practical Application - Safe movement including falls prevention
  • Alternatives and adaptations to movement for specific conditions related to ageing
  • Maintain health and skill related fitness
  • Postural stability/falls prevention
  • Warm up/cool down

    Unit 3 Pracitcal Application - Maintaining independance, planning and teaching
  • Planning/teaching/adapting
  • Positive benefits of using Laban’s analysis of movement
  • Physical objectives
  • Music, mental stimulation, social interaction
  • Formative teaching practice/ assessment

For further information about The Keep Fit Association, please select the link in Additional Training Information in Additional Course Details.

Module Dates:

6th Feb 2021 - Distant learning begins. This is followed by 6 x3 hour online sessions on 6th, 20th, 27th March, 24th April and 15th & 22nd May 2021. Contact kfatraining@emduk.org for further information and application form.

1st May 2021 - Distant learning begins. This is followed by 6 x3 hour online sessions on 5th, 26th June, 3rd, 24th July and 7th & 14th August 2021. Contact kfatraining@emduk.org for further information and application form.


United Kingdom
Course Fee £ 250.00