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Kids Boxercise

The aim of the Boxercise for Kids course is to help instructors learn about kid's fitness and how to adapt what has been taught on the Boxercise course to make it safe and fun for children. The course explains the many adaptations necessary to teach a Boxercise Class to children, or to integrate children into your class. On the course instructors gain information on child protection considerations, children's anatomy and physiology, class adaptations for different Key Stages and most importantly how to make it FUN! with Boxercise Games. Most Adults also enjoy the fun element of the games too, allowing both to work together in the same class with a suitably trained Boxercise Instructor.

The course is available as an online course or as a 1 day 'live' training course. The content is the same on both the courses and those that pass the online course can attend the Boxercise for kids live course free of charge as a refresher and those that attend the training course will still have access to the online resource.

Phone: 0116 2404906
Course £ 99.00