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Boxercise Advanced Skills PT

The Boxercise PT/Advanced Skills Course is the perfect course to take your boxing skills to a much more advanced level, supplementing the skills already learnt on your Boxercise Instructors course. It is ideal if you wish to add more variety to your classes, to itensify your sessions and increase your PT clients' skill level in boxing. You will also dramtically increase your own boxing ability and knowledge.

Taking clients on the focus pads for boxing workouts is one of the skill sets you must master as a PT. Many PT clients quickly master the basic skills on account of the level of coaching they recieve in their one-to-one sessions. The PT/Advanced Skills course is designed to enhance your Boxercise skills to the level where you can take even a professional boxer on the focus pads and catch them out with some drills! This six hour intensive course is designed to improve your pad skills to keep even the most experienced client interested and entertained with enough combinations & drills for at least 10 years.

Phone: 01162 404906
Course £ 99.00