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Promoting Health Behaviour Change

The Promoting Health Behaviour Change training courses are designed to help frontline professionals promote health and wellbeing in routine one-to-one or group consultations with clients or patients. The courses are based on the concept of solution focused practice, which takes a positive approach to empowering individuals to identify what they want to achieve to improve their health. This approach is refreshing as it focuses on helping individuals discover how to achieve their goal(s) rather than trying to fix the problem(s) that they may currently have.

The cost to commission this course is £2,500. This price includes two days of tutor-led sessions delivered by a highly skilled and experienced Solution Focused Practitioner, course materials, administration and an evaluation report. The course can be delivered to a maximum of 25 participants. The cost of the venue hire, refreshments and local promotion are to be covered by the commissioning organisation.
Course £ 2,500.00