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XPERT Flexibility Flow

There are many flexibility/stretch courses on the market. However, XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness has created a Flexibility Flow program designed especially for Personal Trainers and/or Studio Owners to add to their schedule.  This 2 day 16 hour course, taught by qualified and experienced flexibility trainers, is perfect for those aiming to teach Flexibility Flow or for those looking to deepen their own understanding of flexibility training .

The NEW Flexibility Flow program will provide you with the necessary tools to help you and your clients stretch safely and effectively. This course is geared towards beginners who are brand new to stretching and also towards advanced clients, preparing them for extreme flexibility. This multi-level Flexibility Flow will focus on mobility stretching exercises encouraging every movement to flow into the next.  Learn the science behind safe stretching and flexibility.  Teach your clients how to better understand their bodies as they check alignment, increase range of motion and learn injury prevention.

Don't forget I'm eligible for the Open Bursary!
Phone: 0044 208449 4400
Course £ 450.00