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This 8 hour training and accompanying course materials will provide you with all the knowledge you will need to start teaching your first FitBop class.


FitBop is such a fun way to improve fitness levels for all individuals and our simplified choreography ensures accessibility for everyone, even those that consider themselves uncoordinated, or just ‘not a great dancer’. At FitBop we 'focus on fun', we don't aim to be cool, cutting edge or overly pushy. We're 'a night out with your mates, or a school or wedding disco, with all your old favourite pop and dance tunes, plus a few current chart toppers! 

A 45 minute FitBop class consists of 11-12 dance routines, beginning with a slower tempo warm up routine, then alternating between high and medium tempo routines, usually with a slower tempo routine in the middle for recovery, ending with a cool down routine, followed by a full body stretch. The order and structure of the routines creates an Intermittent interval training workout, which is a well-documented type of training, suitable for all fitness levels, supported by robust scientific research and proven to produce significant improvements in cardiovascular fitness. FitBop’s unique selling point is ‘dancing through the decades’, and so during a typical class, participants will experience a range of diverse dance styles, with each class usually incorporating 1-2 tracks from each of the past 6 decades; 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now.

This course is worth 7 CPD points. 

United Kingdom
Course cost £ 145.00