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CircusFit Antenatal Aerial Yoga

Fully comprehensive Pre & Postnatal Aerial Instructor Training course enabling you to deliver safe and effective Pre & Postnatal Aerial Antenatal classes, small group trainings or one to ones. Special attention to: contraindications, how to work with (antenatal) clients suffering from Pelvic Girdle Pain, Pubis Symphysis Disorder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other pregnancy related pain, physiological and emotional changes through each trimester of pregnancy, and preparing clients for birth: (postnatal) effects of ceserean versus natural birth, diastus recti, rebuilding pelvic floor strength, alleviating upper body tightness, gently strengthening joints and understanding continued hormonal shifts post-partum.

Phone: 07872 989 530
Course cost £ 495.00