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Clubbercise® Kids Combo

Clubbercise Kids Combo 

Kids combo is a one-day training course for licensed Clubbercise instructors. After completing the course, instructors can run sessions for families and children aged 7+

Class Concepts

There are three class concepts for families, kids and teens:

Family Clubbercise: Exclusive for parents/carers/family friends and their children aged 7+ (no children without parents/carers or adults without children).

U13 Clubbercise: Exclusively for 7 to 12 year olds

U18 Clubbercise: Exclusively for 11 to 17 year olds

Extra Benefits 

Instructors who complete the Kids Combo course also have the option to:

  • Lower the minimum age of their Clubbercise classes from 16+ to 13+ (with an adult)
  • Hold Clubbercise themed birthday parties for children aged 7+ 

What happens on the training course:

Instructors will learn how to adapt the Clubbercise Teaching model, class format and choreography for families, kids and teens. 

Instructors will also get the very latest health and safety training related to teaching dance fitness to children and young people aged 7+

Phone: 020 7183 2718

Email: team@clubbercise.com

United Kingdom
Early Bird £ 189.00
Regular £ 219.00
Last Minute £ 249.00